My Story

I first became interested in Alexander Technique through a curiosity in movement ranging from idly watching people passing by to marveling at professional dancers and athletes. From my own background as a performing musician, I sensed that understanding more about movement could improve my performance.

When I attended my first lessons little did I realise what a huge impact the Alexander Technique would make on not just my performance but throughout every aspect of my life. The improvements in clarity of thought, ease of movement and performance convinced me to undertake a four year training course in Bristol, UK in 2008.

Since then, as a musician, I have enjoyed much more engaging performances and pain-free practice sessions. My performance work takes me all over the world and I've been privileged to work with many of today's leading musicians, as well as dancers, directors, writers and actors. As a teacher I have been lucky to work with people from all ages and backgrounds and am committed to bringing this life-enhancing work to more and more people interested in change.

I am a fully qualified teacher of the Interactive Teaching Method (ITM) for the teaching of the Alexander Technique. I am very lucky to be able to divide my time between working as a musician in Ireland and internationally and teaching Alexander Technique from my home studio in Dublin city centre. I have also given workshops and taught at The Model Arts Centre, Sligo; Cork School of Music (CIT); Kungliga Musikhögskolan/ Royal College of Music in Stockholm as well as Irish theatre companies such as Willfredd and Macnas.