What happens in a lesson?

During the lesson we discuss the principles which form the foundations for Alexander's work and present some of their practical applications. Following Alexander's approach, I emphasise personal development as it relates to general success in life by appealing to the student's power of reasoning and originality. The technique is based on interacting and exploring the students concepts of movement using dialogue and gentle hands-ons work. There is no manipulative work comparable to chiropractic or osteopathy.

While the benefits of the Alexander Technique are often seen in terms of pain relief and health improvement, it is important not to consider this work as a healthcare substitute nor as allied to any complementary healthcare approaches. The Alexander Technique is an educational process, enabling the student to make informed choices about how to best use their body attaining a higher level of co-ordination and freedom which we are all capable of.

Lessons last about 30 mins with the inital introductory lesson typically about 45 mins in length. Alexander Technique can be taught either one-to-one or in group situations.


I teach from my home studio in central Dublin - just 900 metres from O'Connell Street - on Emmet Street, Dublin 1. There's easily available on-street parking (it's free on nearby North Circular Road), or it's a 14 minute walk from Connolly Train Station and Luas stop, or a 12 minute walk from O'Connell Street. I have also taught workshops outside Dublin including Sligo (Model Arts Centre), Cork School of Music, Ballyfermot Rock School and Sweden (Royal College of Music, Stockholm).

How much?

Individual Lesson = €40
Group Lesson (2 people) = €30 per person
Group Lesson (3/4 people) = €25 per person
Series of lessons: 6 lessons (for price of 5) = €200 paid upfront

When Do You Teach?

Earliest lessons start at 9:15am and latest start at 6pm, between those hours I do my best to be flexible in terms of accommodating people.