What my students say...

David Collier, engineer:

I got interested in the Alexander Technique as a way to learn how to use my body better and it was only the first lesson that I started to realise how much energy I use with counterproductive movement. Seán is an excellent teacher who really took the time to help me understand and become aware of my own movement and facilitate in helping me to make positive changes.

Miranda Driscoll, photographer, lecturer:

I started doing the Alexander Technique with Sean because at the time I was having minor back problems and felt that I needed to tackle that. However, through Sean's guidance I soon discovered that I just needed to consider how I was doing certain things; not so much in terms of posture but in terms of everyday movement. Over the course of a series of thought-provoking conversations with Sean I began to find myself having a completely different outlook to how I approached certain things; physically, mentally and emotionally. I discovered that the best way to approach Alexander is with an open mind and a willingness for it to take you off in a direction that you hadn't necessarily planned for - this was hugely beneficial to me and Sean is a gracious and discerning teacher.

Ludovic Hoyet, researcher:

I went to Sean to learn more about the AT as I was having severe back trouble at that time. To be honest I was more looking for another thing that might solve my problems, and instead discovered a brand new way of thinking: instead of having someone fixing me, I discovered that I could relearn how to do things in a way that was not putting as much strain on my body, when working on the computer, playing the fiddle, swimming, etc. I was totally oblivious of what I was doing before, and now two years later things have drastically improved and I'm still learning so much about my body and my movements. To go to Seán was definitely one of the best decisions I ever made, and he is such a nice teacher!

Brian Walsh, musician:

Seán's teaching is wonderfully spacious and clear. Seán works with me where I am in my understanding, leading me to the best next step I can take to learn how I can do whatever I'm doing easier and better - and often MUCH better! Since Seán introduced me to ITM Alexander Technique I have found greater ease, clarity and presence in my drumming, I have discovered much about myself and had great fun on the way. Thanks so much Seán!

Hector Castells, writer:

I had never heard about Alexander technique before I met Seán. My learning experience at school, college, and university had taught me that a good teacher is not easy to find. Seán is a great conductor and Alexander is a fascinating thinker. After a couple of sessions I found out that there is a new way to think through these things and that The Alexander Technique is something beyond any other way of teaching ever experienced. Really quite something!

Johan Nilsson, music student:

The value cultivated from my first Alexander technique lesson was to discover that with just very gentle and few movements with my body, I felt that my body opened up and relaxed in immediate perception. I felt like a dried tree that suddenly got a lot of fresh water when my body opened up and the blood could stream in my body. I also got very warm which was very interesting because I am usually a bit frozen in my hands and feet. I was able to answer my own questions and could with my own words describe what was going on and immediately find a solution for myself. This was very helpful!

Michael Gallen, musician:

I was put in touch with Seán when a recurrent wrist injury began to seriously affect my ability to play the piano. I had tried various stretches and warm-ups, but found that they only aggravated it. Seán introduced me to a more wholistic way of thinking about the body, making me realise that so many of my perceived positions of comfort were in fact putting a strain on my body. Although I haven't yet "solved" my discomfort, I do feel like I have much greater sense of how to work with, rather than against, my body. Seán has a lovely, gentle way of instructing, allowing his student to guide and reshape themselves, and I've found that his sessions have had an impact well beyond their own duration.

Ilse de Ziah, cellist:

As a cellist I have had issues with my neck for years. After a session with Sean and a few discussions about poise and head movement I found my neck freer and much more relaxed. I haven't had any major problems since, and as soon as I feel any tension developing I remind myself of the feeling Sean helped me to achieve in my neck and can ease the pain quickly. Highly recommended, thank you Sean!