Boyne Song

HD Film, Duration: 20 mins, 2019
Seán Mac Erlaine · wurlitzer, metals, bass clarinet, xiao, field recordings // Moira Sweeney · film

In their 20 minute immersive film, musician Seán Mac Erlaine and filmmaker Moira Sweeney respond to a stretch of the Boyne alive with the song and colour of early summer. A newly commissioned work by Solstice Arts Centre, curated by Linda Shevlin.

There is something about a river you can never touch, its essence always shifting. We wanted to create a piece which leaves space for the water, air and bird song to flow through it. In Boyne Song the music moves in and out of focus while the images seem to both carry you forward and leave you back at your starting point.

"In a clear mirror, all is nothing; there is only the clear mirror. Red comes, the mirror is red. Yellow comes, there is yellow... But all of these do not exist. The mirror does not hold on to anything. There is only the coming and the going." ~ Seung Sahn.