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Seán Mac Erlaine / Music for Empty Ears

Ergodos // 2018 // Vinyl + Digital

Seán's third album on the Ergodos imprint is a trio record with two of Norway's leading lights in contemporary music, Jan Bang and Eivind Aarset while featuring the stunning vocals of Sadhbh Ní Dhálaigh on two tracks. Recorded in Oslo and co-produced between Jan Bang and Mac Erlaine. Seán Mac Erlaine clarinet, bass clarinet, chalumeaux, bawu, alto saxophone, synthesiser, live electronics, wurlitzer. Jan Bang - live sampling, samples, acoustic bass drum. Eivind Aarset - guitars, electronics. Sadhbh Ní Dhálaigh vocals.

Limited edition vinyl in bespoke sleeve. Artwork and design by Distinctive Repetition.

"Empty Ears is a seductive listen, with a distinctive voice all its own." ~ The Wire, June 2018.

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101 Beats Per Minute / 101 Beats Per Minute II

Countersunk // 2019 // CD + Digital

101 Beats Per Minute is a collection of electronic music producers working in varying techniques and styles. This is the second collection of tracks from a new roster of artists.

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Ordnance Survey / Relative Phase

Scintilla Recordings // 2019 // Vinyl, CD + Digital

Ordnance Survey is a new collab between Neil O'Connor aka Somadrone, Sean MacErlaine, Kate Ellis, Linda Buckley and John McEntire of Tortoise. "A fully-realised, synth-worshipping triumph of dense textures and widescreen extemporization that attempts to “map” the worlds of new music, jazz and electroacoustic music via these collaborations." ~ The Thin Air, April 2019.

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Inni-K / The Hare & The Line

Independent // 2019 // CD + Digital

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Achim Zepezauer + guests / Slotmachine

Gruenrekorder // 2019 // Vinyl + Digital

This 30-track album documents the website project of musician/artist Achim Zepezauer called "Slotmachine". It mixes up recordings of 45 seconds length in a slot machine. "It’s compelling stuff and could become a dangerous habit. Zepezauer has assembled a network of collaborators, including sound poet Jaap Blonk, woodwind master Seán Mac Erlaine, harpist Rhodri Davies and drummer Michael Vatcher (just the best known of the dozen participants) to create the basic sounds and textures...Zepezauer takes a palpable exuberance to his manipulations." ~ Brian Morton, The Wire, March 2019.

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Seán Mac Erlaine / A Slender Song

Ergodos // 2014 // Vinyl + Digital

Limited edition pressing on transparent orange vinyl with artwork by Craig Carry.
"An utterly original sonic space. ★★★★" ~ The Irish Times.
Donal Dineen's Top three releases of 2014. Sixth on Nialler9's top 25 Irish albums of 2014.
"Mac Erlaine moves in a slow fashion, building gasping melodies, droning lines, threadbare ambient electronics and flushes of majestic horn passages puncturing the silence...It’s an exercise in restraint yet has has imaginative limits. It creates a space that has knowledge of modern jazz, improvisation techniques, electronica and folk but bows to none." - Nialler9.

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Zoid / Nebulous Concrete

Independent // 2018 // USB drive + Digital


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This is How we Fly / Foreign Fields

Playing With Music // 2017 // Vinyl, CD + Digital

"...their shared ability to find seemingly limitless space within concise melodies. An album of wholehearted and often surprising music, brimming with vitality." ~ fRoots, December 2017

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Seán Mac Erlaine / Alas Awake

Waywords and Meansigns // 2017 // Digital

Seán Mac Erlaine contributed six recordings to the Opendoor Edition of Waywords and Meansigns, an online distribution of a complete reading of Finnegans Wake.

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Davy Kehoe / Short Passing Game

Wah Wah Wino // 2017 // Vinyl + Digital

"In the tight gaps of "Short Passing Game"'s racing drums, twitchy bass guitars, harmonica swipes, wild yelps and sonar-like synths jostle with each other." ~ Resident Advisor.

Benedict Schlepper-Connolly / The Weathered Stone

Ergodos // 2016 // Vinyl + Digital

Inspired by the secret histories of landscapes, old maps and memory, this is music that possesses the ecstatic, unforced beauty of the natural world – at once minimal and teeming with matter.Benedict Schlepper-Connolly – Voice & Synthesiser; Seán Mac Erlaine – Bass Clarinet & Chalumeau; Saskia Lankhoorn – Piano; Robinson Panoramic Quartet: Anita Vedres – Violin; Robin Panter – Viola; Kate Ellis – Cello; Malachy Robinson – Double Bass

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Dylan Tighe / Wabi-Sabi Soul

Independent // 2016 // CD + Digital

All songs and Lyrics : Dylan Tighe* Guitars, Vocals, Casio MT-140 : Dylan Tighe. Bass Clarinet, Saxophone, OP1 synth: Seán Mac Erlaine. Bass : Garvan Gallagher. Drums: Conor Murray. Hammond, Wurlitzer, Rhodes: Darragh O'Kelly. Pedal Steel, Slide Guitar on 'Cult Leader': Travis Lyon. Analogue Tape Effects: Sean Coleman. Gong: Samuel Beckett. Additional voices: Henry Miller, Pope John Paul II, woman at Pope John Paul Mass 1979.

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Quiet Music Ensemble / Mysteries Beyond Matter

Farpoint Recordings // 2015 // CD + Digital

New pieces commissioned by and for QME from Pauline Oliveros, David Toop, Alvin Lucier, John Godfrey. Released at David Lang's Festival of Music, National Concert Hall, Dublin.

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Inni-K / The King Has Two Horse's Ears

2015 // Vinyl, CD + Digital


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Seán Mac Erlaine / Long After The Music Is Gone

Ergodos // 2012 // CD + Vinyl + Digital

An album of extraordinary ambience, rich with Mac Erlaine's distinctive supple reed work and subtle electronics. With each track Mac Erlaine seems to channel the atmosphere of a space or vista, immersing us.

"A haunting meditation on the landscape is infused by fragments of traditional Irish music and electronic beats" ~ Sunday Times.
"Minimalist in conception though grand in execution, Mac Erlaine’s music carves a path between timeless folkloric melodies and more abstract ideas. Regardless of the font of his inspiration, the music is uniformly engaging and quietly hypnotic." ~

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This is How we Fly / This is How we Fly

Playing With Music // 2014 // CD + Digital

"This is what the future sounds like. Elegant and fresh sounds crossing international datelines between trad, folk and jazz sources." - The Irish Times.

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Ergodos Musicians / Songs

Ergodos // 2014 // CD + Digital

"Nothing could better exemplify the continued vitality of the song tradition." - The Irish Times.

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Dylan Tighe / Record

No Label // 2014 // Vinyl, CD + Digital

“A poignant yet prepossessing piece of work…brimming with audacious and seriously intelligent suite of songs” - The Irish Times

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Martin Tourish / Under a Red Sky Night

MT Music // 2014 // CD + Digital

"Much of the music on this album began either as improvisations that were later shaped into compositions, or as a re-imagining of material from the traditional idiom. For me, each of the tunes and sets are snapshots of the spirit of a particular time and place and the people and ideas that floated within it."

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Taskerlands / Taskerlands

Time Released Sound // 2012 // Double 3" CD

The exceedingly lovely, psyche tinged ambient folk on this release is from the duo of Michael Tanner (Plinth), and David Colohan (United Bible Studies)

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Cian Nugent / Doubles

VHF Records // 2011 // Vinyl, CD + Digital

"Nugent smartly focuses on developing a pair of immersive environments that are continuously compelling for more than 20 minutes at a time. He nails it.” - Pitchfork

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Trihornophone / Breathing Time

Diatribe // 2008 // CD

Trihornophone emerges from the fertile mind of saxophonist and composer Sean Mac Erlaine, dedicated to performing original, new music for trumpet, two saxophones and drum kit. He's liberally filched influences from pop, European Folk and the Avant Garde along with developments in contemporary jazz, remolding them over a bed of bouncing rhythms and odd meter grooves.

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