Studio & Process

I have been involved in production on various levels for about twenty years starting out with a Tascam four track in the 1990s and ending up with my own acoustically treated studio space decked out with choice analogue equipment (and delicious instruments).

My musical training started early on the piano, guitar and then got really involved on saxophones in my teens. As any serious woodwind player will attest, it's a constant rethinking of sonics to follow the ideal sound - the interplay of reed, embouchure and above all, the ear. With twenty years as a professional with my work producing, working as a sideman on many many dozens of albums and the ongoing work of mastering music and film mixes for clients today means I'm always working on my primary tool: ears!

I'm always working on my primary tool: ears!

I also am passionate about the technical end of music production and programming. I hold a practice-based PhD which saw me developing live processing software for performance and have worked extensively with different technologies throughout my career. My area of expertise leans towards the left of centre, although my interests are super broad. I tend to work fast and can master a track for free so you can be the person to decide if it's a good fit for further work.

While I'm very comfortable in the digital world (and frankly would be lost without certain key plugins), I do very much enjoy working with wonderful analogue hardware and you can hear a huge step up coming from the digital realm. I listen to your music on full range systems in an acoutically treated and measured room.
Monitoring by Neumann, Genelec, KEF & Lehmann Linear Pro headphone amp
Acoutic treatment from GIK and Hofa
Analogue conversion by RME
Dynamic tools by Rupert Neve Designs, TK Audio and ART
EQ by Manley Laboratories, Solid State Logic, & TK Audio
Other analogue processing by Overstayer, Solid State Logic, Neve & Eventide.
Software includes Izotope RX 8, Sonnox, MAAT EQs and tools, etc.

All of this knowledge and understanding is brought to bear on your project: How can I help? What will make this audio come alive? When in the process is your music ready for the wider world?